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Wed Aug 1 18:54:57 CEST 2012

Werner Koch:
> On Wed,  1 Aug 2012 16:50, auto15963931 at said:
>> So the last question is just how do I go about checking whether one of
>> these smime.p7s certificates has been revoked. What is the process of
>> revocation in general? Thanks.
> There are three ways:
>  - Using a CRL.  The address of the CRL is usually part of the
>    certificate and used by GPGSM.
>  - Using OCSP Responder.  That is kind of online check of a CRL.  You
>    can enable this in GPGSM.
>  - Use a list of revoked CAs which comes with todays browsers.
> Now the question is now to get your certificate into a CRL.  Technically
> this is easy.  But how can a user ask a CA to put his certificate on the
> CRL is an open question.  You need to ask your CA.

I already have Gpg installed, as well as GPA, but I have not used them
for smime, which is, I think, what I hear you say I can do? In any case,
when I right-click the certificate in Win7, I see no option that would
lead me to believe that my system is currently capable of viewing this
certificate. I opened it in a text viewer application, but it appears to
be binary, not really a text file that I can see. So, what would I need
to do at this point to take a looksy at this certificate file, which I
detached from the message of which it was part? Thanks.

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