Future of GnuPG 1.x.x?

Sin Trenton biggles.trenton at gmail.com
Sat Aug 4 21:26:27 CEST 2012

Hello everyone,

My preferred flavour of GnuPG tends to be commandline 1.4.x (I use Ubuntu on one comp, but the others are WinXP), even if I also have Thunderbird/Enigmail, as well. It  suits my needs and I have established routines for using it.

However, while rummaging through the archiveson this leisurely Saturday, I came across two posts that made things a little unclear to me (quotes and links at the end of the mail).

Is the plan to retire 1.x sometime in a not too distant future (I'm not saying that I assume an actual time plan being set)? 
One post talk about "put into runoff", the other "We will keep maintaining GnuPG-1 versions".

The reason I ask is I have tried 2.x and even with various utf-8 settings, signed mail fail verification approx 50% of the time for others as my client does with theirs. English works fine, but it seems mail containing Swedish/Danish/Czech letters (æ, ø, å, ä, ?, ?, ?, etc) get mucked up.

Anyway, just curious to know how the thoughts/plans ahead are.

Best regards,

Sin T.

The two posts:

== Retiring? ==
Mon May 14 23:19:03 CEST 2012

"> In one of the recent, longer, threads, it was my understanding
> that Werner said that the 1.4.x branch of GnuPG will not be
> updated to have ECC capabilities, and may eventually be "put
> into runoff" as it were. Werner, may I request that you confirm
> or refute that?

Right, that is the current plan. Maintaining two stable branches is
extremely time and thus cost intensive."

== Not retiring? ==
Tue Mar 27 11:20:14 CEST 2012

"We will keep maintaining GnuPG-1 versions because they are very useful 
for small systems and for server based applications requiring only 
OpenPGP support."

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