what is killing PKI?

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El 26-08-2012 17:37, Stan Tobias escribió:
> If you want to preserve the Privacy (like I described above), you
> have to exercise it.  You have to take a risk that someone will
> open and read your letter/email, and if they do, you demand them
> and everybody else to leave you alone, that is to say, to respect
> your privacy.  If you encrypted your letter, you wouldn't be able
> to exercise your right to Privacy by demanding others not to read
> it.

  What would happen if you start reading your daughter's diary
everyday, but never let anybody catch you reading it? And you are
careful to don't talk about what you've read, or take actions that
could hint you have read the diary. Your daughter will never know you
read it. What happens with her right to privacy? She is still
exercising it, she writes on her diary everyday.

  The same thing applies to email messages, we expect only the
intended recipient will read it, we send them everyday. And yet, we
don't know if we have privacy or not, until something we sent is
published somewhere AND goes viral. But since we are not celebrities,
it is unlikely what we write will go viral, even if we send nude
pictures, it is unlikely we will ever know someone already saw them.
And by sending more and more email messages, we won't make that change.

  So, in order to enforce our right to privacy, we use a tool to make
it really hard to break our right to privacy (a subpoena is very
likely to make us disclosure our messages, if we don't have anything
to hide). That tool is encryption, and it doesn't only enforce our
privacy right, it also make us aware about people trying to take away
that right from us, because the one trying to take away that right,
first would have to take away our right to use encryption, or force us
to install some backdoor on it.

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