what is killing PKI?

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Juicy one faramir..
>   What would happen if you start reading your daughter's diary
> everyday, but never let anybody catch you reading it?
#Daddy may say that he is being a good father by keeping an eye on his
kids, for her... happiness and safety of course. He knows best. (replace
the father with government, and its funny how the metaphor still stands)
> And you are
> careful to don't talk about what you've read, or take actions that
> could hint you have read the diary.
# A good Daddy is discreet. :-)
> Your daughter will never know you
> read it. 
# why would she need to know that? Daddy knows best!
> What happens with her right to privacy?
# right? She is a child! She has no rights. You are her father!
> She is still
> exercising it, she writes on her diary everyday.
# she can exercise her right to read, and Daddy can exercise his right
to read :-)

>   The same thing applies to email messages, we expect only the
> intended recipient will read it, we send them everyday. 
  # And yet, I expected to win a million dollars for being the millionth
visitor to a site, damn it!
I hear facebook email is really good ^^
> don't know if we have privacy or not, until something we sent is
> published somewhere AND goes viral.
#or some nice men want to have a little chat  with you, and they will
give you a free ride, free jewelry, AND you get your own bed, and the
chance to make many new friends who all are really friendly too!
> But since we are not celebrities,
> it is unlikely what we write will go viral, even if we send nude
> pictures, it is unlikely we will ever know someone already saw them.
> And by sending more and more email messages, we won't make that change.
# well... if the sender is a reasonably attractive woman, I could
definately make the case for prolonging the investigation (and detaining
daddy) to see where things will lead with mommy. I hear she is thinking
of divorce after Daddy was blessed with  free bracelets against his will..

> < So, in order to enforce our right to privacy, we use a tool to make
> it really hard to break our right to privacy (a subpoena is very
> likely to make us disclosure our messages, if we don't have anything
> to hide).
# Daddy is dissapointed in you. Wait till he gets home.
> That tool is encryption, and it doesn't only enforce our
> privacy right, it also make us aware about people trying to take away
> that right from us, because the one trying to take away that right,
> first would have to take away our right to use encryption, or force us
> to install some backdoor on it.
# But surely you can trust your *Father* no? Who can you trust if you
dont trust him? Daddy is only trying to love you, and protect you! You
can tell him anything, it is safe with him!

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