what is killing PKI?

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On 08/28/2012 03:48 PM, Peter Lebbing wrote:
> On 28/08/12 15:37, No such Client wrote:
>> smut? You imply that I speak in a perverse or sexual manner? Hardly.
> I didn't want to actually quote the insulting stuff, but let me quote nonetheless:
>> your own bed, and the chance to make many new friends
> #  a man being detained for encrypting things, and going to jail? free silver bracelets and a free ride ? ... 
handcuffs and an interrogation (chat) ... jail buddies? I thought that
was a no-brainer..
> (note that this is easily read, and probably meant, to refer to an underage
> child! Your whole reply is centered around the daughter that was brought up in
> the conversation. How dare you talk like that about the actual daughter of
> another member of this mailing list?)
> # i speak of no ones daughter. I use a (fictional) metaphor for government (daddy), and child (citizen) regarding privacy rights, and later on, I use the same frame, and change the metaphor, implying that various security-minded organizations can easily detain an individual for personal gain (they want to date the wife who sent naked photos to her husband , his detention is there to socially discredit him and get him out of the way, of the would-be suitor..) 
>> if the sender is a reasonably attractive woman, I could definately make
>> the case for prolonging the investigation [...] to see where things will
>> lead with mommy
> # speaking now from the perspective of your average security-focused individual, who has a self-interest in getting with the woman who sent naked photos of herself, and simply wants to remove her husband from the picture so he can make a move.. 

> Please do not insult my intelligence by acting like I misread it. This will be
> the last I have to say about it.
# no insults from my end Mr.Lebbing. I was being sarcastic, not rude. If
you feel slighted, please be aware that  interpretations may vary. I
have simply sent my intended interpretation, but you are equally 
entitled to possess your own interpretation. What a sender wishes to
convey is not always the same as what a recipient receives or
understands. So in the crypto-world, we sign things. Here, I am simply
explaining my intended meaning of the word. Such is the risk with
sarcasm and allegory. Misinterpretation.

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