Pseudonym (was Re: what is killing PKI?)

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Tue Aug 28 17:18:48 CEST 2012

On 08/28/2012 03:55 PM, Peter Lebbing wrote:
> On 28/08/12 15:44, No such Client wrote:
>> Surely, on a public, crypto mailing-list, with all sorts of interesting 
>> people, the idea of privacy would be understood no? real names or pseudonyms 
>> should be quite irrelevant.. Is it not the content that counts?
> Yes, it indeed is the content that counts. Note that there are quite some
> regular posters on this list also using pseudonyms. Nobody dismisses their
> opinion based on that. You keep focussing on the mention of using a pseudonym,
> whereas it was the actual /content/, all the name-calling and insults, of your
> initial mail that triggered the dismissal of what you wrote.
> Peter.
With due respect Mr Lebbing,  my initial post -

was in response to Mr. Hansen´s post

which (from my perspective) was exceedingly rude, and arrogant. I
wondered why the same company that castigates me for being rude, or
insulting allows one with a ¨real name¨ to disparage another member. Not
a double standard at all eh? So yes, I was intentionally rude with Mr.
Hansen , (and only him afaik) as he was quite offensive to Mr. Segment..
(Full Disclosure: I enjoyed it. Sometimes people learn with a taste of
their own medicine.. )  So it is understandable if Mr. Hansen does not
hold me in the highest regard. However that is between us. Others here 
should promote mutual respect of all members, and not selectively attack
new members, while allowing the ¨old guard¨ to speak as they like to
other members with impunity. 
So yes, I enjoy crypto, however the most recent postings have been
straying from that.
 Shall we move back to crypto?

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