Can IPAD or Android Tablets create Keys and use gnupg

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APG functions on android remarkably well, with key servers and key
generation features. The only thing missing that comes to mind is the
WOT side. As long as this is between friends, that becomes relatively
unnecessary. Also possible is to just import pre existing keys. Also of
interest would be whether sufficient entropy exists on the device to
actually generate a secure key, so caveat emptor, so to speak. Both
elgamal and rsa keys of up to unspecified sizes can be generated, but
the instructions within the app suggest 8192 at least; more than
sufficient.  As noted in another reply, PGP/mime is not supported. That
functionality may be an issue, but given all three of the replies that
I've seen to your query (including mine) are inline, that shouldn't be a
problem with day to day operations.

Attachments do not have sigs produced for them when emailed, but you can
manually encrypt them using the APG app before attaching them to an
email. K-9 works well with that app. File compression and message
compression are both supported, most if not all of the encryption and
hashing algorithms commonly found in gnupg are incorporated, and the app
even supports ASCII armoured docs. All in all, an excellent tool.
Someone recently forked the APG app, around the same time I was looking
at doing the same, since the project has been inactive for nearly two
years. His name escapes me, but he also manages the ad-away app. Also,
The Guardian Project is porting gnupg.

All in all an excellent project, highly recommended.


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Thank you both for replying to my question about IPODs and Androids.  It
sounds like neither will work to be fully functional with gnupg or PGP
then.  Perhaps I should get a small laptop computer.  I wonder if one of
those small driveless computers and a USB storage device would work.  I
need an inexpensive solution for a Europe.  Since Poland and
the Ukraine are in the European Union there shouldn't be any problem
using PGP for private communication among friends right? I have been
using PGP since the  90's as a hobby and believe if privacy is not use
it will be lost.  I used to chat with Julf at Anon penit fi back then to
but not with PGP.


On Tue, Aug 28 at 02:04 PM (UTC), Mika Suomalainen
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> 28.08.2012 07:48, mercuryrising at kirjoitti:
> > Can IPAD or ANDROID TABLETS create gnupgp private/public
> keys and
> > use gnupg or is that still relegated to Windows/Vista, Mac
> OSX and
> > Linux on desktop and laptop/notebook computer platforms?
> >
> There is APG (Android Privacy Guard) in Google Play Store, which
> can
> be used by e.g. K9 Mail, which can sign, decrypt and encrypt
> messages.
> I am not sure can it generate keys, by itself, but it accepts
> keys
> created in gnupg.
> More information at [APG home page] and [K9 Mail Google Code
> page].
> [APG home page]:
> [K9 Mail Google Code page]:
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> Mika Suomalainen
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