Can IPAD or Android Tablets create Keys and use gnupg

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I meant to say IPADs not IPODSProcopius
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On August 28, 2012 at 4:52 PM, mercuryrising at wrote:Thank you
both for replying to my question about IPODs and Androids.  It sounds
like neither will work to be fully functional with gnupg or pgp then. 
Perhaps I should get a small laptop computer.  I wonder if one of
those small driveless computers and a USB storage device would work. 
I need an inexpensive solution for a Europe.  Since Poland
and the Ukraine are in the European Union there shouldn't be any
problem using pgp for private communication among friends right? I
have been using pgp since the  90's as a hobby and believe if privacy
is not use it will be lost.  I used to chat with Julf at Anon penit fi
back then to but not with pgp.


On Tue, Aug 28 at 02:04 PM (UTC), Mika Suomalainen  wrote:

> 28.08.2012 07:48, mercuryrising at kirjoitti:
> > Can IPAD or ANDROID TABLETS create gnupgp private/public
> keys and
> > use gnupg or is that still relegated to Windows/Vista, Mac
> OSX and
> > Linux on desktop and laptop/notebook computer platforms?
> >
> There is APG (Android Privacy Guard) in Google Play Store, which
> can
> be used by e.g. K9 Mail, which can sign, decrypt and encrypt
> messages.
> I am not sure can it generate keys, by itself, but it accepts
> keys
> created in gnupg.
> More information at [APG home page] and [K9 Mail Google Code
> page].
> [APG home page]:
> [K9 Mail Google Code page]:
> --
> Mika Suomalainen
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