ASCII armor plus? - a main reason I find I and some others do not use encryption is that the messages get garbled

Thomas Demers phonetree.oo at
Tue Dec 25 01:30:15 CET 2012

The insertion of hard returns, blank lines, hyphens and so on is an
issue I and others I have been trying to get to use encryption
multiple times.  It is one of the main reasons I don't use encryption
as much as I could; I cannot be sure that my message will actually get
through because these ascii armored blocks are so easily corrupted.

I suggest as a future feature that the ascii armoring option have
built into it more resistance to corruption in the face of this sort
of thing.  If hard returns are not used anyway in the encoding scheme,
why not simply have GPG ignore them when parsing an armored message,
instead of being unable to read the message?

Also the ----begin pgp message---- or whatever header has been broken
at times by the mere insertion of an extra hyphen on the left by an
email system.  Something I was only able to determine by sending
myself test messages, not something most casual users have time for.
Why not make it so that only the human readable part is essential,
with the hyphens only for readabilit?

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