ASCII armor plus?

Robert J. Hansen rjh at
Wed Dec 26 19:58:43 CET 2012

On 12/26/2012 1:23 PM, Werner Koch wrote:
> It is a sad time for standards, I know.  Let's get rid of them all and
> use FB or GM and we don't need to care about that all anymore.

In my defense, I never said I thought PGP/MIME had no place in the
OpenPGP ecosystem.  I just said I was reluctant to recommend it as a
general-purpose solution, given how dodgy the support for it is in a
great number of different venues.

I readily concur that we have a pretty sorry state of "standards"
nowadays.  A standard that's not widely conformed to is not much of a

> BTW, we have patches for Mailman to fix the problem in most cases but
> they never made it to upstream.  The funny thing is that Outlook has
> become better in this regard over time.  But Mailman: no useful archive,
> no proper MIME support, arghh.  I am not sure whether this reflects
> badly on standard Python modules or at the diminishing use of mailing
> lists.

The alternative would be to roll our own, and maybe the time has come
for a Mailman replacement.  I've long wanted some piece of software that
allows for threads to be handled either via email or via web forums:
after all, viewing is orthogonal to the content itself.  Content can be
stored in a back-end, and the front-end can/should be a replaceable

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