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> I would be one who fits in the other case.  I've never signed an
> e-mail--no one at our organization does.  (Not that I wouldn't like to,
> but nearly all those with whom I communicate wouldn't have any use for nor
> comprehension of the signature.)  However, I've written scripts to
> routinely sign files for transmission to our bank.  I would definitely
> count us as serious users.

And you perfectly fit the description I gave for "serious users" from my 

> I'm sure there are plenty of others who also
> sign their business transmissions using GPG.

I don't doubt that. I just don't understand why someone who has understood the 
concept and is capable of validating keys of others, encrypting, decrypting 
and signing should not use that technology for his email (neither professional 
nor private). The people I know who are interested in security technology are 
generally interested in spreading this technology (not limited to OpenPGP).

Thus I assume that you are an exception, whatever your reasons may be.

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