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Am Mittwoch, 1. Februar 2012, 22:38:57 schrieb Robert J. Hansen:
> On 2/1/12 4:14 PM, Hauke Laging wrote:
> > I just don't understand why someone who has understood the
> > concept and is capable of validating keys of others, encrypting,
> > decrypting and signing should not use that technology for his email.
> I have referred to this paper probably five times or more on this list
> and other lists.  I really wish people would read it.  I'm getting tired
> of answering this -- it's my least-favorite OpenPGP-related question.

I knew that paper (due to one of your emails). I read it again now. It has 
quite little to do with my "question".

My question was NOT "Why do so few people use email cryptography"? But that is 
the question this paper wants to answer.

Some points from the paper:
• It is (mainly) about people not familiar with GnuPG in some context 
different from email.

• One of the two most IT capable people being interviewed does not even know 
how to make signatures.

• Most or even all of those users did not have an environment which creates 
signatures or encrypts automatically. I have not read how they did it; I 
assume they used some program not integrated into their email software and had 
to use the clipboard for transferring the data.

• Most of the paper is about encryption. None of the interviewed people denied 
the sense of encryption in certain cases.

I do not see how to get valid conclusions from non-IT people using bad 
software for IT people free to chose their software.

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