Pls help on OpenGPG/ Preference

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Sat Feb 11 09:34:50 CET 2012

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Hi kunle odu,

you posted 3 messages to the GnuPG mailing list. There is a better place to
get help with Enigmail:
Please subscribe and post further messages there.

And before you post, please gather information first and then post all info
one would probably need to be able to help you in one message, such as
- - on what system are you
- - which software is installed, versions
  (as for Enigmail, that's from the OpenPGP menu)
- - what were the steps you took
- - when did you encounter which errors
- - debug information
  (Enigmail: OpenPGP preferences (advanced settings on), debugging tab)

> how can l install gnupg because l dont computer command at all or may be u
> can show me simple way to install it.

You need to install GnuPG. First uninstall any GnuPG you tried to install
manually. Use the recent GPG4win (2.1), available from
You may adjust the packages to be installed as you like, but the default
works fine. Once installed, restart Thunderbird. Enigmail will find GnuPG
WITHOUT any prefs/paths set as long as you leave the default installation
path of GPG4win untouched.

> pls i dont know how to set my path file on opengpg/preference. when l 
> wanted to generate new key it was telling Error in accessing Enigmail 
> service.

Your "Error in accessing Enigmail service" has nothing to do with GnuPG.
It seems that you are on Windows using Thunderbird 10.0, no Enigmail headers.
Please uninstall Enigmail (from the AddOns dialog) and download it again
from here: ,
then install dhe downloaded file from the AddOns dialog.

> i want 2 generate key but telling dat Enigmail error

Only once you resolved the "accessing Enigmail service" error, you will be
able to use any functionoality such as creating a key.

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