Trying to create auth key on GPF CryptoStick

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Tue Jan 3 21:16:45 CET 2012

* Paul Hartman <paul.hartman at> [120102 19:35, 
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> Crypto-Stick website states that it supported 4096-bit keys when using
> gnupg 2.0.18, and my signing and encryption subkeys on the card are in
> fact already 4096 bits, but they were created with gnupg on my PC and
> then transferred to the card, whereas the auth key creation is
> happening on the card itself, so maybe it has different limitations in
> this scenario (card-generated vs PC-generated). As far as I can tell,
> creation of the auth key outside of the smartcard is not supported.

Werner, is that correct? The card you gave me at FSCONS back in 2009
states that 3072 Bits is the maximum key size. I use 2048 Bit keys at
the moment since back then I even had problems with 3072 Bit Keys.

> I just tried 3072 bits and it worked. Thanks!

Hehe, no problem :-)

All the best, 
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