First-time gpg compile - compiling gnupg-1.4.11 for Windows - configure log

Barry Smith bnsmith001 at
Mon Jan 9 22:55:00 CET 2012

Environ - Windows 7 (64Bit)
                SeaMonkey 2.6.1
                Enigmail 1.3.4
                GnuPG 1.4.9
                GPG4Win 2.1.0
                GPGShell 3.78  (which is complaining about GPG 1.4.9,
but working)

Problem -- There is no binary install for gpg1.4.11 or gpg 2.X

Goal - I want to build a binary for gpg 1.4.11, and use it from all
three tools
           that I have installed (enigmail,gpg4win,gpgshell).

Wrinkle - the only build instructions are written using *nix scripts
which do
             not execute on Windows, so I am picking up new tools and
             resurrecting aging skills reading build script messages...
             so be kind while I try to stay kind. :)

What I've done so far --
1) I downloaded and installed MinGW 3.20 with MSYS 1.0.
2) I downloaded and extracted gnupg-1.4.11.tar.bz2
3) I opened MinGW (which put me in the MSYS home directory structure)
4) I ran the configure script.
    Having some experience on Ubuntu,
       I wanted to study the configure messages created under MinGW for
          missing libraries, missing settings, and other missing stuff to
          compile from a new computer.
I attached the configure log file from my execution of configure.
My plan is to delete the entire gnupg folder tree,
              make the changes and additions in MinGW,
              re-extract and re-config.

Please, look, and see if you see any major things wrong, that I should
fix, or download
(like IDEA?) that should be added to the MinGW environment before trying
the config again.

Barry Smith
Secure Computer Services
v 980-819-7397
c 704-497-4217
e bnsmith001 at
DUNS 83-099-9384

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