Creating a key bearing no user ID

Holger holger at
Mon Jan 23 16:35:45 CET 2012

2012-01-23T03:09:55-05:00, Robert J. Hansen:
> > Keyserver SPAM is a straw-man argument. Yes, it's possible for an 
> > address to be pulled from the key on a keyserver, in fact, I'm 
> > convinced harvesting probably takes place.
> As am I.  However, it should be pointed out that this is no reason to
> avoid using the keyservers.
> One of the best ways to evaluate a defensive mechanism is whether it can
> recover from a failure.  Consider securing your home.  A lock on the
> front door is good, but once the thief is in past your front door the
> lock is pointless.  It can't recover from a failure.

I'm not a fan of comparisons at all, but I'd say my e-mail address feels more like
my postal address, thus I tend to handle them similarly.
But wouldn't you replace or enforce the lock on your front door once s.o. made
it in? At least you would still keep locking it, wouldn't you?  ; )


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