Compiling GnuPG problem

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On Mon, Jan 30, 2012 at 09:03:59PM -0800, Davi wrote in 
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>GnuPG crew,
>Thank you in advance for your patience. I am new to Linux, new to Ubuntu,
>and new the GnuPG and this is the first time I am trying to do any of this.
>I successfully downloaded a package named gnupg-2.0.18.tar.bz2 from
> Following the instructions, I successfully configured the
>package using the "./configure" command, but when I attempted to compile he
>package using the "make" command I received the error message, "make: ***
>No targets specified and no makefile found. Stop." yet I can see two
>makefiles in the folder: and Am I doing something
>wrong? Did apply the commands in the wrong directory? What do you recommend?

Hi Davi,

What is your intended goal? Is it to compile (this specific version) of 
gnupg from source, or just to use gnupg?

If the latter, as root doing:

apt-get install gnupg

should download and install a working gnupg version on your computer.


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