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Mon Jun 4 04:35:35 CEST 2012

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> On 5/31/12 3:19 PM, John A. Wallace wrote:
> > Hello. I am moving my system onto another machine, and it will require
> > my reinstalling everything, not simply restoring. Are there any
> > instructions related to which files need to be moved, and other
> > considerations, in order to transfer the capabilities of my gnupg
> > application. I am moving it from Windows XP to 64-bit Win 7.
> Other people will chime in with precise folder paths.  I no longer have
> access to any Windows XP machines, so I can't -- but a little
> exploration should reveal them.
> Somewhere on your system you'll have a file called "secring.gpg".  In
> that directory you'll have some (or all) of --
>     * pubring.gpg
>     * secring.gpg
>     * trustdb.gpg
>     * gpa.conf
>     * gpg-agent.conf
>     * gpg.conf
>     * scdaemon.conf
>     * random_seed
> Copy over all these files except random_seed.  Don't re-use random_seed:
> sharing the same random_seed between two different machines can
> potentially be unwise.
> On the new machine, just install GnuPG from  On
> the new machine, find where GnuPG has placed its gpg.conf file.  Drop
> all the files from the old machine (except random_seed) into that
> folder, overwriting if necessary.
> With that, your migration should be complete.

Hello, Robert.  Your procedure worked perfectly from what I can see. Thank 

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