can someone verify the gnupg Fingerprint for pubkey?

michael crane mick.crane at
Sat Jun 9 13:05:12 CEST 2012

On Sat, June 9, 2012 10:28 am, Mark Rousell wrote:
> On 07/06/2012 11:27, Werner Koch wrote:
>> On Wed,  6 Jun 2012 21:54, peter at said:
>> If you look at my OpenPGP mail header you will be pointed to a “finger”
>> address - enter it into your web browser (in case you don't know what
>> finger is) and you will see
> Just as an aside, I presume you are referring to this header line:
> OpenPGP: id=1E42B367; url=finger:wk at
> Do you know of any common modern browsers that have finger protocol
> support built in? I wonder, how many people even have a finger client
> installed (that their browser would be able to find)?

 What types of processes are forbidden by DreamHost?

    IRC-related persistent processes of any kind (including, but not
limited to, bots, bouncers, etc.) are STRICTLY PROHIBITED, and are in
violation of the Terms of Service.
    BitTorrent-related processes are not allowed.
    Streaming Audio or Video servers of any kind are not allowed on shared
hosting servers.
    Voice chat or VoIP servers like Asterisk, Ventrilo and TeamSpeak are
not permitted.
    Game servers (CounterStrike, WoW, BF2, etc.) are also not permitted.
    Proxy style tunnels such as Tor cannot be run.
    Alternate services and daemons (Finger, OpenLDAP, memcached, etc.) as
well as daemonized version of current services (PHP, httpd, etc.) may
not be run.
    Cron Jobs, Crontabs are allowed provided you don't use excessive
system resources.


keyID: 0x4BFEBB31

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