can someone verify the gnupg Fingerprint for pubkey?

Robert J. Hansen rjh at
Mon Jun 11 05:25:51 CEST 2012

Hash: SHA256

David --

Please consider using clear signatures instead of conventional
signatures.  If someone looks in the list archives they'll see a huge
opaque blob of text they can't read.  Likewise if someone tries to
read your email on a system that doesn't have GnuPG installed.

Secondly, your message was 253 lines of quoted text and 14 of your own
text.  This means that 94% of the message was quoted.  This is a
little outré.  I'd appreciate it a great deal if you'd trim your quotes.

You are certainly free to ignore me on those two counts, but I hope
you'll do me the favor of considering them.  Thank you.  :)

That said --

> I suspect there are few secret government agents - not that they 
> are likely to say so :) though some believe them to be everywhere.

At least one person who has posted to this list is publicly affiliated
with intelligence services, yes -- it's right there in his official
bio.  That said, there's a *huge* difference between "normal guy who
happens to be associated with the government is on this list" and "the
kind of stuff the conspiracy theorists believe is happening, is
actually happening."

(I will not say who this person is.  I once received a death threat
from someone on this list who was convinced I was an FBI plant,
threatened my life, declared me to be Satanic, and went so far as to
look up my home address and phone number from WHOIS data in order to
make the threat more credible.  Given people like that exist, I feel
being circumspect about this person's identity is the only responsible
thing to do.)



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