Need a GUI for e ncrypt/decrypt in Ubuntu 11.10

Sam Smith smickson at
Mon Jun 11 17:11:07 CEST 2012

I tried every GUI I could find for GPG over the past 2 years. My absolute favorite is GNU Privacy Assistant (GPA). 

I do believe I have tried every GUI option there is for Windows and Ubuntu. Originally, I couldn't find anything I liked on Windows and consequently was forced to learn the command line (which is probably not a bad thing). Later, on Ubuntu I discovered GPA and Seahorse. Seahorse is good app, but GPA is much much better IMHO and I always find myself using GPA as default app for dealing with keys.

I could not figure out how to get GPA onto Windows. It looked like it was available for Windows but in the end I could not figure it out. Regardless, I mostly use Ubuntu now and I am always happy to be able to use GPA. When on Windows, I always have to use the command line because I do not like any of the other options.

This is wonderful app and you have done fantastic job with it!  I do encourage you most fervently to not abandon it because I think it's the best. You really do great work and it is so appreciated by all of us so much! Thank you so much!

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> > GUI wise though, I'm a huge fan of the GNU Privacy Assistant.
> Thanks.  That is an incentive for me to start working on it again.
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