can someone verify the gnupg Fingerprint for pubkey?

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On 10/06/12 15:36, Sam Smith wrote:
> Mr. Koch, can you (or anyone else) recommend a book that is good for novices like myself that covers GPG public keys and can help me learn how to verify identity based on the chain of trust (self-signatures and other signatures as you said in your email ) and covers other aspects of how GPG works with regards to the PGP model?
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>> On Fri,  8 Jun 2012 23:41, smickson at said:
>>> Another thing is that downloading the key from that link you provided
>>> is no guarantee of safety in and of itself either because the page is
>>> not being hosted over SSL with confirmed identity information. So
>> That is not relevant.  The key (correct OpenPGP term is �keyblock� but
>> sometimes also called �certificate�) is in itself secure; the included
>> self-signature and signatures from other people shall be used to
>> evaluate the identity of the key owner.
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Hello Sam,

I am constantly adding books to my web site - take a look at my web site - see link below.


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