Need a GUI for e ncrypt/decrypt in Ubuntu 11.10

Robert J. Hansen rjh at
Thu Jun 14 19:09:51 CEST 2012

On 6/14/12 12:06 PM, Avi wrote:
> If I remember correctly, Werner prefers that this list restrict
> itself to the discussion of FOSS only...

Not exactly.  He's never voiced any dissatisfaction with my mentioning 
of Symantec's PGP product, for instance, but that may be because I'm use 
PGP in a spirit of compare-and-contrast rather than advocating people 
use it.  I believe Werner objects to people advocating proprietary 
programs, but saying "proprietary program X does Y and the FOSS 
alternative doesn't, I really like Y, I'd like it if we could do Y" is 
just fine.

So, let's move this discussion about proprietary programs (GPGShell) 
into a direction that's useful to FOSS programs.  What is it about 
GPGShell that you really like?  What makes it superior to the FOSS 
alternatives?  How can the FOSS alternatives be made superior to 
GPGShell?  Inquiring minds very much want to know.  :)

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