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> shows. But where do I address options such as s2k-digest-algo and
> bzip2-compress-level? How do I change the Home directory (it's using

You are not supposed to change these options :-).  We include in the
GUI only those options which are likely interesting for some people.
All geeky options require the use of a text editor.

You can't change the home directory from the GUI because that would be a
cacth-22.  The options are stored in the home directory.  The manual
explains how to change them:

   [... command line options. It also overrides any home directory
   stated through the environment variable GNUPGHOME or (on W32 systems)
   by means of the Registry entry HKCU\Software\GNU\GnuPG:HomeDir.

> that information somehow)? Does GPA have an option to set word-wrap
> width? It doesn't seem so.

I don't think so.  Easy to add, though.



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