GPG with GPUs

Aaron Toponce aaron.toponce at
Sat Jun 16 16:15:05 CEST 2012

I'm curious what progress, if any, has been made towards supporting GPUs
for encryption, decryption, signatures and verifications. I recently just
purchased two Zotac 32-bit PCI cards with 96 CUDA cores (I'm out of PCIe
slots) for the sole purpose of GPGPU research and sandboxing.

We use GPG at work for internal passwords. There are 3 XML files based on
the role that they employee fills at work (techs, domains, admins). With
about 50 exmployees' GPG keys, encrypting the 3 files is a bit daunting. It
takes a few seconds to complete. Not too terribly inconvenient, and it's
fully automated, but enough to be annoying when the XML files get updated a

There are other purposes I use GPG for, where the work that needs to be
done takes long enough to notice, such as signing 100 keys after a key
signing party, or generating a new throw-away symmetric key.

Anyway, just curious if offloading the work to the GPU is something that is
being considered, or has already been discussed.


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