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> On Wed, 20 Jun 2012 07:56, laurent.jumet at said:
> >     It's defined in GPG.CONF:
> Nope.  GnuPG-2 does not support loading of extensions.  the option is a
> dummy option.  The reason for this is that crypto operations are done by
> Libgcrypt and not by gpg.exe.
> The next version of Libgcrypt will support IDEA and thus GnuPG 2.1 will
> be able to decrypt old (i.e. PGP 2) files, directly.  However, using
> IDEA is not a good idea, we have far better algorithms for ages.

Hi, Werner.

When I have to make use of "idea.dll" so that I can decrypt messages that 
were encrypted with it, I then use Gpg 1.4.x, and I have it in an altogether 
separate folder from the real installation of Gpg 2.0.x. I could not agree 
with you more in regard to its comparatively inferior algorithms, but that 
does not preclude my needing it from time to time.

Is there any reason I should not place it in the same folder as the gpg.exe 
version 1.4.x and then make reference to it there? Thanks. 

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