choice of encryption algorithms

Robert J. Hansen rjh at
Thu Jun 21 06:52:25 CEST 2012

On 06/21/2012 12:03 AM, Laurent Jumet wrote:
> default-preference-list S7 S11 S12 S13...
> personal-cipher-preferences S7 S11 S12...
> personal-digest-preferences H3 H8 H9 H10...
> personal-compress-preferences Z1 Z2 Z3 Z0

Please don't do this.  It's error-prone.  Those are machine-readable
numbers, not human-readable ones.  Use the human-readable ones: for

default-preference-list TWOFISH 3DES SHA256 SHA224 RIPEMD160

... will set both digest and cipher preferences.  You can also set
compress prefs in that line, too.

Also, default-preference-list is redundant with the other -preferences.

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