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Fri Jun 22 20:52:57 CEST 2012

On Fri, 22 Jun 2012 14:18:25 -0400 Robert J. Hansen 
<rjh at> wrote:

>If people want to keep using PGP 2.6, let them, but I'm not going 
>to >help them do it.  

>Were it up to me, PGP 2.6 support in GnuPG would be reduced to
>read-only.  So be thankful Werner isn't paying attention to my
>preferences.  :)

Actually, I don't mind 'read only' ;-)

(The vast majority of v3 users have little interest in anything 
other than pgp 2.x, and aren't asking for anyone's support, and can 
always be reached with pgp 2.x.
(You might be interested to 'just look' at Disastry's multi 6 
not necessary to use md5 or idea)

WK said that the new libcrypt will support idea.  Gnupg 2.x allows 
importing v3 keys.

I have a great many encrypted e-mails and files that were done with 
v3 keys, 
(some of them by people no longer in the land of the living ;-((  )

It is useful to be able to decrypt them, and nostalgic to see their 
verified signatures, and am thankful to WK for allowing this in 
gnupg 1.x, and soon in gnupg 2.x.

Am somewhat surprised by the unprovoked V3 rants, when I asked for 
nothing from anyone, and only thanked WK for allowing it to happen.


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