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Running GPA lists way more keys than running both gpg --list-keys
or gpg --list-secret-keys. Why is this? These keys look a bit
suspicious, with user names with stuff like

/CN=10R-CA 1:PN/O=Bundesnetzagentur/C=DE

- and I am not able to delete them. Using Debian unstable, I get

>The GPGME library returned an unexpected error. The error was:
>No public key
>This is probably a bug in GPA.
>GPA will now try to recover from this error.

These keys are listed as expired, but I am still not able to delete
them - I don't see the point to having them on my system...

Could anyone shed some light on the mystery?

Is it some bug in GPA that interprets the data in the keys in an
incorrect way?

best regards
/Andreas Rönnquist (still learning GPG / GPA)
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