invalid gpg key revocation

auto15963931 at auto15963931 at
Sun Mar 4 22:13:58 CET 2012

Hello. Supposing I create a key with an arbitrary user ID, and it 
contains an email address that is not real but exists only for sake 
of having a key to use for signing and encrypting with a pseudonym, 
and supposing I make the public key available by putting a copy of 
it on an anonymous website so that others can import it and be able 
to identify things I have written and signed as valid and 
legitimately belonging to me, how is it then possible that someone 
else would be able to get the key revoked even while I had not 
published it to a key server at all? I mean, suppose someone wanted 
to "mess around" with me and have my key revoked.  How could that 
have been done? Can it be prevented? Thank you.

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