[admin] Re: Please help!

Werner Koch wk at gnupg.org
Wed Mar 7 09:52:25 CET 2012


if you post an URL which is the actual body of your question, please
also copy and paste the relevant parts from that web page.  This is
important for some reasons:

1. Not everyone is online while reading mails.  For example, I often go
   over mails while traveling by train.  Establishing an online
   connection there is costly and slow.

2. Switching to a web browser while browsing mails is cumbersome.  It is
   also a web bug which allows to check the time your mail has been

3. The lifetime of mailing list archives is usually different from that
   of a non-related web page.  If the web page vanishes, the followups
   of the original posting are missing its context.



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