trouble compiling gnupg

Werner Koch wk at
Tue Mar 27 07:01:49 CEST 2012

On Tue, 13 Mar 2012 08:57, uzimac at said:

> cd /usr/opt/contrib/gnupg
> /usr/src/contrib/gnupg/configure --prefix=/usr
> make -j4

You are doing a VPATH build (src and obj dir are different).  That is
fine and actually the way I prepare the releases.  However, if you have
problems you should try two things first: Run with -j4 and if this still
fails build in the source directory.  Always run "make distclean" before
another try.

> make is failing with 'libgpg-error.a function gpg_strerror "undefined reference to 'libintl_dgettext'"'

Are you statically linking to libgpg-error?  A final -lintl might be
missing.  In any case you better use a shared library version of
libgpg-error.  Please show us the log of the linking stage.



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