Testing GPG EMail encryption

Steve steve at gpgtools.org
Wed May 23 08:50:07 CEST 2012

> I don't know how much the demand is (or could be) but perhaps it would help 
> make more people use OpenPGP to have a round-robin email contact system. 
> Whoever is willing to help new users (like in this case) registers his email 
> address with the languages he's capable of communicating in. A new user could 
> send a mail to
> de at newusers.gnupg.org
> en at newusers.gnupg.org
> ...
> and the mail would be forwarded to one or two people. OpenPGP-Addons for email 
> software (like Enigmail) could hint the user at this service.

Hi all,

I absolutely agree. At GPGTools we thought about an automatic testing system. Checking if the mail was encrypted and / or signed and then sending out the according reply.

As with so many things and I assume Werner and the Enigmail people know the problem, we never managed to get it done. I'm not sure if one system to rule them all is ideal. Since if a user of GPGTools sendss an unencrypted but signed mail we'd direct him at the according knowledge base article. If we'd use one mail address for GPTools / Enigmail / terminal users, it might be hard to provide the correct information to help users. So it might not be automatable thus create more work.

Currently we encourage the user to send a test mail and do all this manually.

All the best,
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