Testing GPG EMail encryption AKA PGP/MIME

Steve steve at gpgtools.org
Wed May 23 11:56:40 CEST 2012

I think we had the PGP/MIME vs inline discussion already. 

@Robert: Would that qualify for a second entry in your FAQ with the pro/cons listed? I really would love to see some distilled output. The discussions on this list are very valuable and having the pro / con arguments in some sort of wiki / faq (maybe editable by the users) would imo bring benefit to users, trying to understand backgrounds.

@David let us know once you get the basic setup done. Would GitHub maybe be sufficient as a wiki? I am sure there are other nice solutions around, too.


> I cannot verify your signature, because you use PGP/MIME and this
> mailing list uses mailing list software which somehow messes up with
> headers and makes PGP/MIME signatures unverifiable.
> You can test email encryption by emailing Adele.
> pub   1024D/92AB3FF7 2002-03-06
> uid                  Adele (The friendly OpenPGP email robot)
> <adele-en at gnupp.de>
> uid                  Adele (Der freundliche E-Mail-Roboter)
> <adele at gnupp.de>
> sub   1024g/62BDBFD4 2002-03-06
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