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On 23/05/12 18:39, Steve wrote:
> Hey David et all,
> first: GPGTools Installer does indeed contain Enigmail and allows installation. Not sure if it has the latest version since Mozilla's crazy versioning means lots of maintenance and we couldn't find a way to automate including new Enigmail versions. Also not sure if it is smart to include it in the future. We'd have to find some smart mechanism to deal with updates.
> David, which list are you referring to? GPGTools mailing list? If so, I'm not so sure what you write is correct. Can't recall anybody ever was told to shove off. We had the Inline vs. GPG/MIME discussion in the GPGTools Project and have made a decision for PGP/MIME since we believe that it is the future and is a documented standard. If mailing-list software has issues it is at the devs of that software to step up and continue development of their software. The fact that Werner even wrote a patch which seems to have been ignored is even more frustrating.
> If Enigmail encounters problems with mails encrypted with GPGTools, we'll be happy to work things out with Patrick from the Enigmail team. And I know that the GPGTools project was in direct contact with him. So I don't really see the drama. Let's try to be constructive and solve problems. Not cause some where there aren't any.
> And as always: feel free to write a patch. :)
> <3
> steve
>> Signierter PGP Teil
>>> Why to move it to Enigmail list? That email which you quoted doesn't
>>> have mention Enigmail. As far as I know, GPGTools doesn't even include
>>> Enigmail.
>> Yup and I was on there list too - and effectively told to shove off when I pointed out
>> errors in enigmail - they don't like testing and error reporting - so kfuc em
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First off,

It was the enigmail mail list which I un-subscribed too. I am currently using Mint Linux 32
bit LXDE. I don't trust and have no faith in Openpgp's ability to encrypt to predefined
per-recipient rules. I have set my system to do it manually.

Now I have 3 Linux Laptops. I started testing Linux distros with gpg2 - enigmail with
Thunderbird - all 100 per cent Openpgp failed to initialise with pgp2 and in fact Openpgp
always signed to my private key not my public key when  using percipient rules. Here is a
list of main Linux distros which all fail to initialise pgp2:

Opensuse 12.1 12..2 11.1/4 either 32/64 bit with KDE/Gnome/LXDE
Ubuntu (any flavour) KDE/Gnome/LXDE 32/64 bit
Linux Mint KDE/Gnome?LXDE 32/64 bit
Fedora-16 KDE/Gnome/LXDE 32/64 bit

(With all official updates).

With Thunderbird Enigmail/Openpgp with gpg2 your system may freeze you may not digitally
sign or encrypt to someone's public key via e-mail. You may not digitally sign an e-mail
whilst at the same time encrypting. Be warned - any encryption done will be to your private
key and not to your public key. Enigmail may fail to initialise (gpg2).

There is no compatibility in above Linux distros  with Enimail/Openpgp and gpg2 - you are
best advised to stick with gpg (GnuPG) 1..4.11.

I have posted this info on my main page to my web site - I have tested. And tested sending
people e-mails - No one to my comments seriously - even when I told Verner - he said let
kgpg handle commands - why? gpg2 specific commands do not work with gpg2.

Now testing with a fellow Linux user revealed that if you have both gpg 1.4.11 and gpg2
installed you don't get any problems. So I can only conclude that gpg2 is an add-on widget
to gpg 1.4.11 - gpg2 only recognises gpg 1.4.11 commands.

Openpgp/enigmail does not support gpg2 unless one has installed gpg 1.4.11 - but I no longer
trust Openpgp/enigmail to do anything.


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