Draft of nine new FAQ questions

Hauke Laging mailinglisten at hauke-laging.de
Thu May 24 01:03:13 CEST 2012

Am Mi 23.05.2012, 12:18:49 schrieb Robert J. Hansen:
> I have a draft version of nine frequently asked questions ready for
> community review:
> 	http://keyservers.org/gnupgfaq.xhtml

The reason I suggested a FAQ addition is not covered :-)  At least not by the 
headlines. There should be a paragraph "Why does GnuPG not support more than 
4096 bits?".

@ "Why does GnuPG use 2048-bit RSA by default?":
Does the g10 smartcard not count as a reason for RSA default?

@ "Has GnuPG ever been successfully attacked?"
That sounds like there has never been a security problem. El-Gamal signatures, 
anyone? Furthermore:

PGP: D44C 6A5B 71B0 427C CED3 025C BD7D 6D27 ECCB 5814
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