system migration

Robert J. Hansen rjh at
Thu May 31 21:28:08 CEST 2012

On 5/31/12 3:19 PM, John A. Wallace wrote:
> Hello. I am moving my system onto another machine, and it will require
> my reinstalling everything, not simply restoring. Are there any
> instructions related to which files need to be moved, and other
> considerations, in order to transfer the capabilities of my gnupg
> application. I am moving it from Windows XP to 64-bit Win 7.

Other people will chime in with precise folder paths.  I no longer have
access to any Windows XP machines, so I can't -- but a little
exploration should reveal them.

Somewhere on your system you'll have a file called "secring.gpg".  In
that directory you'll have some (or all) of --

	* pubring.gpg
	* secring.gpg
	* trustdb.gpg
	* gpa.conf
	* gpg-agent.conf
	* gpg.conf
	* scdaemon.conf
	* random_seed

Copy over all these files except random_seed.  Don't re-use random_seed:
sharing the same random_seed between two different machines can
potentially be unwise.

On the new machine, just install GnuPG from  On
the new machine, find where GnuPG has placed its gpg.conf file.  Drop
all the files from the old machine (except random_seed) into that
folder, overwriting if necessary.

With that, your migration should be complete.

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