signing key selection - GNUPG Keychain Access

Ludwig Hügelschäfer mlisten at
Fri Nov 23 20:08:11 CET 2012

On 23.11.12 11:20, Mathias Koerber wrote:
> I am using GNUPG Keychain Access on Mountain Lion
> and am trying to sign keys.
> The popup offers my available private keys in the dropdown only by the
> email address/comment text,
> but since I have several keys with the same email address, it is
> impossible to tell which is which.
> Should that not also show the keyID to make it possible to properly
> identify which key is to be used?
> Is there a preference setting for that?

Although I'm on Mac OS, I don't use Keychain Access, so I can't suggest
a solution.

Probably you'll get more attention in gpgtools support forum:



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