Debian64, gnupg-2.0.19, gpg-agent problems

Peter Koellner peter at
Fri Nov 23 16:58:57 CET 2012


I am configuring a crypto-stick for use with 4096 bit RSA keys and have run into two problems that look as if they are related to gpg-agent.

The first is that gpg2 somehow fails to ask for the PIN when decrypting a formerly encrypted test file, so I have to use gpg 1.4.x to decrypt.

The other is that after enabling ssh support even gpg1 fails until I kill gpg-agent, then it asks for a pin again but ssh key authentication fails again...

I have described the setup process in

I am not sure what debug data I could provide to get to the bottom of this, so
if someone wants to take a look and needs more info, please CC: to my address...


peter kollner <peter at>

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