what is killing PKI?

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> They're already running on
> hijacked systems, using botnets to send out spam: why
> would they care about using up a lot of somebody else's
> CPU?

A good point well made.

> Yes.  Recommendations are all well and good.  There's a
> difference between a recommendation and a should,
> though.  If I say, "I really liked this restaurant:
> they had wonderful seafood," that's different from
> saying, "You should go to this restaurant: they have
> wonderful seafood."  The first is a statement about how
> you interact with the world.  The second is rather rude
> if you say it to someone who's allergic to shellfish,
> or someone who for religious or dietary reasons must
> abstain from seafood, or... etc.

I take your point, if you look at the strict grammatical meaning of
the two versions. However, I have always heard the second form used
much more than the first, and in my experience people generally do not
appear to perceive it as rude. Rather, it seems to be accepted as a
vernacular shorthand for "You should go to this restaurant: they have
wonderful seafood which I really liked, and feel that you might also
like if you are into seafood."

> This is a meaningless question, because it presumes
> there's a single objective standard for what is "safe
> and sane."

I disagree. I would say it presumes that the person/people releasing
the software are capable of forming an opinion as to what they
consider to be "safe and sane."

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