what is killing PKI?

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> Therefore, for this question to be meaningful, you must
> have doubt as to whether Werner & Co. are capable of
> forming an opinion as to what they consider to be "safe
> and sane."

I do not harbour any such doubt. I also don't see how they might be
suggested by my question [1], or by my rebuttal of your claim that it
was a meaningless question because it wrongly presumed there's a
single objective standard for what is "safe and sane" [2].

[1] "And what's wrong with having safe and sane defaults for those
    who choose not to make their own informed choices?"

[2] "I disagree. I would say it presumes that the person/people
    releasing the software are capable of forming an opinion as to
    what they consider to be 'safe and sane.'"

> Because if there's no doubt, then why ask it at all?

Because I believe my question outlines a valid alternative strategy to
the one outlined in your question [3], to which I was replying.

[3] "Instead of telling people what they should do, what's wrong with
    giving people options and telling them that it's their
    responsibility to make informed choices?"

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