use of multiple keys

Hubert Kario hka at
Tue Sep 25 17:24:43 CEST 2012

On Monday 24 of September 2012 09:12:20 James Bunnell wrote:
> Is there a setting which allows other recipients, who have both
> public-key sets to use them interchangeably so that old and new
> encrypted email are usable?

I'd guess so. My experience is restricted to S/MIME part of GPG used through 
kmail, but when a person has two valid certificates I'm presented with a 
dialog asking me which cert to use for encryption.

Small note though: I can save my choice and I won't be asked again about this 
e-mail. I'd say that other MUAs have similar abilities.

So, it's not foolproof, but should be usable as long as the user knows what 
he's doing.

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