[Announce] Libksba 1.3.0 released

Werner Koch wk at gnupg.org
Thu Sep 27 16:54:39 CEST 2012


I am pleased to announce version 1.3.0 of Libksba.

Libksba is an X.509 and CMS (PKCS#7) library.  It is for example
required to build the S/MIME part of GnuPG-2 (gpgsm).  The only build
requirement for Libksba itself is the libgpg-error package.  There are
no other dependencies; actual cryptographic operations need to be done
by the user.  Libksba is distributed under the LGPLv3+/GPLv2+.  There
are no user tools accompanying this software, thus it is mostly
relevant to developers.

The main reason for this release is the change to the GNU Lesser
General Public License.

You may download the library and its OpenPGP signature from:

  ftp://ftp.gnupg.org/gcrypt/libksba/libksba-1.3.0.tar.bz2 (610k)

As an alternative you may use a patch file to upgrade the previous
version of the library:

  ftp://ftp.gnupg.org/gcrypt/libksba/libksba-1.2.0-1.3.0.diff.bz2 (217k)

SHA-1 checksums are:

241afcb2dfbf3f3fc27891a53a33f12d9084d772  libksba-1.3.0.tar.bz2
17f6e5fe2fdf6f9205cdec9de0e17194f4ece048  libksba-1.2.0-1.3.0.diff.bz2

Noteworthy changes in version 1.3.0 (2012-09-27)

 * Changed the license of the library from GPLv3 to LGPLv3/GPLv2; see
   the file AUTHORS for details.

 * Minor bug fixes.

Commercial support contracts for Libksba are available, and they help
finance continued maintenance.  g10 Code, a Duesseldorf based company
owned and headed by Libksba's principal author, is currently funding
its development.  We are always looking for interesting development
projects.  See also http://www.gnupg.org/service.html .

Happy hacking,


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