Create subkey that will expire in 10 hours

Werner Koch wk at
Thu Apr 4 14:15:36 CEST 2013

On Thu,  4 Apr 2013 12:44, peter at said:

>> 	of days, weeks, month or years.  The special notation
>> 	"seconds=N" is also allowed to directly give an Epoch
>> 	value. Without a letter days are assumed.  Note that there is

> Although I interpreted it to mean the number of seconds since the epoch.

You are right, that the docs says seconds since Epoch.  However, the
ChangeLog from 2005-10-18 says:

        * keygen.c (parse_expire_string): Allow setting the expire
        interval using a "seconds=<n>" syntax.  This is useful for

So this is about an interval meaning time since creation as used by
OpenPGP.  That actually makes most sense for debugging.  It is
unfortunate that we use "seconds=N" in parse_creation_string meaning
seconds since Epoch. I will fix the docs.

Specifying the Epoch will anyway stop working in 2038 on many systems,
thus it is probably not good to allow its use.  If a fixed data is
required, one may always specify something like "20130404T153012" for
both, the creation date and the expire date.



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