Privacy concerns

Diego Zuccato ndk.clanbo at
Wed Apr 17 14:32:16 CEST 2013

Ave all.

IIUC, currently, whoever looks up a key for an identity, automatically
retrieves *all* user's identities!
That could easily be abused (spammers, people writing to personal mailbox
for work-related issues, etc), but even if not abused it's at least
"unpleasant" that all mail addresses gets mixed.

I've been thinking about that for some time, but couldn't yet find a
workaround. Except, maybe, some decoupling between signature key and
identities -- but no idea on how to implement it, keeping the current pros.
W/o having to use multiple different identities (that would mean more
smartcards to manage, for example).

I couldn't find related topics, but I think that's impossible that noone
thought about it before. Am I missing something obvious?

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