Any future for the Crypto Stick?

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On 01/12/13 17:01, Josef Schneider wrote:
> Einar Ryeng schrieb:
>> Hi.
>> The GPF Crypto Stick has been unavailable for months now, and I
>> wondered if
>> anyone here has information on its future.
>> Any news on the crypto stick (or similar initiatives) would be
>> appreciated.
> I just use a OpenPGP Card in a small gemalto stick reader. AFAIK in the
> Crypto stick they just soldered a OpenPGP card in, so it is basically
> the same!
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You might want to check out the Yubikey guys. They make a yubikey with
an openpgp applet.

And the applet code is here:

Some people should peer review this stuff though. At least the code is FOSS.
I would still prefer a openpgp card though mainly because I trust a
German company more, than a business that also might be harassed by the
US Government.
However, if there is no other way to connect a device like a card
reader, then maybe this would offer an alternative.

As Bruce Schneier said, FOSS is harder to manipulate, so that is a good
thing, and also he warns of US (non US)influence on proprietary
companies. To be honest, I think one now has to take any US business
with a pinch of salt. This of course also applies to other businesses,
which are not located in the US.
All depends on the legal situation and the willingness of companies to
abuse their position, because they are being lobbied by governments. The
usual, do this or we won't offer your products for tendering in the
public sector (government departments), or worse threats where laws
allow that. Or just plain stupidity, thinking they are doing the right
thing, believing all the rubbish they have been fed.



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