Any future for the Crypto Stick?

NdK ndk.clanbo at
Mon Dec 2 15:24:04 CET 2013

Il 01/12/2013 20:09, Tristan Santore ha scritto:

> You might want to check out the Yubikey guys. They make a yubikey with
> an openpgp applet.
Yubikeys would be interesting, if only it would be possible to develop
personal applets to load on 'em. Too bad some needed libraries (like the
one to access the button for OOB consent) are only available under NDA
from NXP (quite uncollaborative with hobbyists).
Moreover, their applet doesn't allow key import, only on-card generation!

> Some people should peer review this stuff though. At least the code is FOSS.
Quite useless to review something you won't be able to compile and load
yourself, don't you think?

> I would still prefer a openpgp card though mainly because I trust a
> German company more, than a business that also might be harassed by the
> US Government.
Another alternative is getting a SIM-cut Java card and a reader for it,
then load one of the OpenPGP Java applets you can find around.
You'll then be able to load code you compiled (and audited) yourself and
can import your 'old' keys if you like.

> All depends on the legal situation and the willingness of companies to
> abuse their position, because they are being lobbied by governments.
Who can you really trust? If you don't trust NXP, then you can't use any
of their JCOP chips... What would stop 'em from adding an undocumented
command to the card manager that dumps the whole memory?

PS: too bad all the Java cards I could get are limited to 2048 bit
keys... Only BasicCard supports longer keys, but I'm not using Basic
since Commodore-64 era :)


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