Any future for the Crypto Stick?

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> Il 01/12/2013 20:09, Tristan Santore ha scritto:
> > You might want to check out the Yubikey guys. They make a yubikey with
> > an openpgp applet.
> >
> Yubikeys would be interesting, if only it would be possible to develop
> personal applets to load on 'em. Too bad some needed libraries (like the
> one to access the button for OOB consent) are only available under NDA
> from NXP (quite uncollaborative with hobbyists).
> Moreover, their applet doesn't allow key import, only on-card generation!
Not lately - there has been an update to support key import. Tested it and
it works great for keeping keys off my machine.

Hopefully we do see more features being made accessible for Open-Source
usage, though.

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