IMporting PGP public key into GPG 1.4.2 with no expiry shows as expired in GPG

Cts Onetemp ctsonetemp at
Mon Dec 2 19:25:56 CET 2013

When I import a PGP public key that has "NO expiry" date, into GPG 1.4.2, it shows the key as expired & the PGP created date shows as 'expired date' .
Is this a bug? or is there a way to force GPG to not set the expiry date from the created date? 
When I try to encrypt with the PGP public key (ignoring the date), it gives the following error 
gpg: 6988865C: skipped: unusable public key
gpg: install.txt: encryption failed: unusable public key

When I try to sign the pgp public key, it gives the below error
Command> sign
gpg: no default secret key: malformed user id

Any suggestions. There is NO issue with the PGP public key & it is used currently. GPG is setting the PGP created date as expired date. 

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