Much slower than other block cipher implementations?

Werner Koch wk at
Thu Dec 5 08:55:10 CET 2013

On Thu,  5 Dec 2013 03:41, cai.0407 at said:

> As far as I know, only GnuPG 2.0.x on x86 environments supports AES-NI.

Right.  I addition you can't compare it with a simple block cipher as
implemented by OpenSSL.  OpenPGP does a lot more: It hashes the text to
create a signature (which most uses do).  A kind of MAC is computed to
detected manipulations of the ciphertext.  The data is compressed.  The
data is split up into parts so that you do not have an optimal
alignment.  GnuPG may decide to use the slow 3DES algorithm (unlikely
these days) and in general it has never been optimized for highest speed.



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